Why Most Workshops suck?

So it’s 1:40 at night, and I cannot sleep (as usual). But how about writing about my thoughts this time? Due to some recent discussions with some people, this is the topic which I had in mind for a few days.

First I would like to highlight the word most here.

First, let’s go back a year. We all heard the news that a three-month Internship would be compulsory for our batch in order to complete our B.Tech. program. First thing that popped into my head:

Great !!! Now companies will start selling Trainings in the name of Internship.

And it wasn’t much later that I saw all this coming true. Though it was not just the companies, it included some very prestigious Universities as well. Well, no issue, maybe they will teach the students the right way and do justice to the large amounts students are paying.

Why I think that it won’t ever be true:

Leaving the case of Companies/Universities doing this just for money (no solution to that except that the students should make smart decisions themselves), let me explain why workshops are no good even when the company/university themselves want good for the students.

As we know, there is no screening process in such workshops/training. So, a curious student who wants to learn, and a student with no interest in the topic are both in the same class, being taught from the same teacher. And we all know that the amount of later type of students is much much more than the former.

The workshop organizers want you to learn, but they won’t ever teach things which more than half the class cannot understand. They would want to meet the level of everyone present in the class. All they do is give those students the Hoax of knowledge (instead of telling them how much more there is to explore in that field) leading to ignorance, which is enough to stop their learning process. What a waste of time for the student who was actually there to learn.

All Workshop organizers care about are positive reviews. They want more participation next time. Their goal is to leave you with you feeling smart. So basically, workshops/training programs quality sucks, almost always.

Students attending such workshops should also know:

Some skills are too complex for short-term intensive training to be effective.

And coding is definitely one of those skills.

Workshops are a fad and a waste of time and money.

So all workshops/training programs suck?

I think mostly which are paid. Maybe I think so because I have used free resources to learn from the time I started coding and things are much more clear and innocent when money is not the reason for transfer of knowledge, curiosity is.

But where to learn from then?

MOOCs MOOCs MOOCs !!!!!!!!!!

MOOCs are free, taught by world experts (not kidding). Some of the best teachers in the world are out there, writing books, blogs, making MOOCs, for you, why would you opt for a training program dude?

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