Firevisor and other things

I know. Long time. But it’s not like someone missed me.

Lot of updates from last time though. Joined a Startup, Firevisor. Won FOSSASIA codeheat challenge. Got a whole paid trip to Singapore for 20 days, to attend FOSSASIA SUMMIT 2020 (something that I have been obsessing about from first year and to be frank, my initial motivation to contributing to Open Source. Though it totally changed over the years.) and to work in Firevisor office for some days and meet everyone there. But then COVID-19 happened. Cancelled my tickets 2 days before the flights. My last commit in FOSSASIA was months ago now. Even now have some open PR’s in Open Event. Currently occupied by Firevisor and some freelance work. Will definitely go back to do some Open Source once in a while.

I don’t know what else to write for now. A lot of things happening in life, and most of them are good. All these things made me realize the kind of work I want to do when placed. Definitely a Software Engineer role. Though a big question comes on DSA now. Don’t enjoy DSA and competitive as much as enjoy Developing things. But that topic and my views on it can go way too long.

Learned a lot of new things too. Felt like writing blogs about it so many times. Though I am still not sure why I even made this website. Everyone had a Portfolio, so I just went ahead with it too. I should’ve put some more thought into it. Even my old domain name got expired around December 2019. But it didn’t bother me to renew it until a few days back. Though, this time I bought, as that’s the username I use at most places.

Will try to blog more often from now. Some senior said to me once, it helps to clear your thought process. I can see why. Plus I really need to improve my English.

Bye for now. Hope you are having a good Quarantine.

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